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  railway heritage village

Forth Junction Project 
Ultimate Concept for

Forth Junction Regional
Heritage Rail Park

Forth Junction Project Vision Sharing Historical Perspective Ground Transportation
Heritage Preservation
Forth Junction
Heritage Society

Forth Junction Park Concept

Railway Station Architecture

Future Historical Miniature Rail Exhibits

Ultimate Vision

Ultimate Rail Park Vision Innisfail OptionUltimate Vision
for a Transportation Themed
Rail, Trail and Transit

Central Alberta Interpretive

Regional Heritage
Rail Park

creating a unique experience that values family recreational and cultural activity, the natural environment and the transportation heritage of the prairies, to be located in Central Alberta close to historic and current highway and railway transportation corridors;
and to interpret, demonstrate and display the relationship between built and natural environment as it relates to the evolution of ground transportation in Western Canada.

The long term vision for the park is that the central area be the home of complementary stand-alone semi-commercial development or blended with such development that may, subject to viability and sustainability, include some of the features listed below:

     Conceptual ultimate rail park vision Springbrook option

railway conference centre- Roundhouse conference and interpretive centre
fun, interactive, multi-function, community and visitor landmark gathering place for
   various activities including regional and community events, family events, cultural
   events, entertainment, conferences and meetings as well as transportation displays
   showcasing restored railway equipment and artifacts, May include a market, boutiques,
   gift shops and cafe
For more details on this concept, go to Roundhouse Conference Centre

historic railway station- Railway station heritage resort
  Canada's only heritage railway multi-station accommodation village with
  up to 22 unique replicated and/or restored railway stations of Central
  Alberta as bed and breakfasts, single and multi family overnight lodging
  and interpretive centres
  For more details on this concept, go to Railway Station Resort

- Transit history centre and tour depot
   exploring the evolution of bus service in Central Alberta including the display of historic transit vehicles as well
   as to be the hub for regional cultural and historical tours


- Miniature world historical model rail pavilion
   a dedicated building to bring together and expand the various miniature historical model rail exhibits that
   accurately represent the evolution of the railway in the settlement and development of Red Deer and other
   communities in Central Alberta featuring a variety of scales and time periods. Could evolve to become Canada's
   largest compilation of historically-accurate miniature railway exhibits.

- Elevated observation restaurant
   4th floor dining facility giving overview of rail park, natural areas, active railway and
   the overall environment

- RV Park and Campground


The Forth Junction Heritage Society has reviewed many rail parks and rail museums and has taken inspiration from several of them, some within Alberta and others well outside.
Our desire is to not duplicate these facilities but to learn from them to facilitate the creation of a unique attraction with a unique combination of facilities.
Some excellent attractions within Alberta that we have taken inspiration from include the Alberta Central Railway Museum near Wetaskiwin, Heritage Park in Calgary, Fort Edmonton Park, the Alberta Railway Museum north of Edmonton, Aspen Crossing at Mossleigh and Galt Historic Railway Park south of Lethbridge.
We see these attractions complementary to our own vision and we encourage you to visit these other great parks.

Outside of Alberta, inspiration has come from the West Coast Railway Heritage Park at Squamish, 3 Valley Gap near Revelstoke, the Revelstoke Railway Museum, Canadian Museum of Rail Travel at Cranbrook and Fort Steele in B.C. as well as Exporail in Montreal, Winnipeg Railway Museum, Toronto Railway Museum, B&O Railway Museum in Baltimore, MD, EnterTrainment Junction in Cincinnati, OH, Railraod Park Resort in Dunsmuir, CA, and San Diego CA Model Railroad Museum.


Forth Junction Park Concept       Railway Station Architecture       Future Historical Miniature Rail Exhibits       Ultimate Vision 

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