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Destination Concept
       The Vision of a World-Class Heritage Destination
       A Time to Think Big and Bold
       An Opportunity for Boldness
       Frequently Asked Questions

Historical Perspective             
               Part 1 - Trails and Trains

               Part 2 - Trains and Transit
       100 Year Milestones 1910-1913
       The Calgary and Edmonton Trail
       Calgary and Edmonton Railway
       Calgary and Edmonton Railway at Red Deer
       Alberta Central Railway - Red Deer to Rocky Mountain House
       Lacombe and Blindman Valley Electric Railway - Lacombe to Rimbey
       Canadian Northern Western Railway Brazeau Subdivision - Mirror to Nordegg
       Canadian Northern Railway in Central Alberta - Camrose to Drumheller
       Grand Trunk Pacific Railway - Mirror to Three Hills
       Rise and Fall of Passenger Rail in the C & E Corridor
       Evolution of Transit in Central Alberta
       Red Deer Transit

Proposed Interpretive Heritage Activity and Nature Park
       Proposed Railway Station Heritage Resort

       Railway Stations of Central Alberta
       Canadian Pacific Railway Stations of Central Alberta
       Canadian National Railway Stations of Central Alberta
       Proposed Forth/Tuttle-Mintlaw-Sylvan Lake Corridor Recreation Linear Park
       Rails to Trails

Proposed Western Canada Transpo Gathering Centre       
       Trails, Rails, Transit Heritage Centre
Alberta Central Historical Model Rail Project
       The Concept
       Other world-class model railway museums
       Innisfail Historical Model Rail Exhibit
       1892 - The beginning of a regional centre
       1913 - The glory of rapid expansion
       1939 - A community challenged by war
       1955 - A year of transition and change
       1986 - Modernization and rail relocation
       Future - High speed rail and regional transit

Integration, Restoration, Replication of Regional Railway Heritage Icons
       Jubilee 3001 'The Chinook'
       History of Railway Motive Power in Central Alberta
       History of Structures Used by Railways in Central Alberta
       ACR/CPR Mintlaw Steel Trestle
                  Alberta's largest railway bridges
                  Largest Railway Bridges in Western Canada
       Current Rail Heritage Preservation
       Historic Railway Icons of the City of Red Deer
       Historic Railway Icons of Red Deer County
       Historic Railway Icons of Central Alberta
       The development of railway and transit themes in downtown Red Deer

Contact Us

About the Society
       Why the name Forth Junction?
       Society Milestones
       AGM 2011 Annual Report
       AGM 2010 Annual Report
       Strategic Plan (pdf)
       Coming Rail Related Regional Events
       Powerpoint Presentations:
Forth Junction Project Proposal Photo Album (2009)
History of Passenger Rail in the C&E Corridor (2009)
Trails of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor (2010)
                                           Forth Junction Project Proposal Updated

Media News
   Forth Junction Project:
       Feature article: Forth Junction targets county
(Mountain View Gazette Dec.2011)
       News article: Forth Junction pulling toward a new station
(Red Deer Advocate Dec.2011)
       Feature article: A volunteer on the right track
(We Mean Business Dec.2010)
       News article: Tourism board supports rail project
(Red Deer Advocate Oct.2010)
       News article: Forth Junction rail project seeks charitable status

                                                                    (Red Deer Advocate Oct.2010)

       News article: Rail tourist attraction idea gets rolling
(Red Deer Advocate July 2010)
       News article: Railway heritage
(Red Deer Advocate June 2010)
       Editorial: New idea for Riverlands worth an Olympic cheer
(Red Deer Express Feb.2010)
       Editorial: One-time opportunity
(Red Deer Advocate Feb.2010)
       Blog Commentary: Happy to hear more talk on large-scale attractions

                                                                     (Red Deer Advocate online Feb.2010)

       News article: Tourism proposal facing obstacles
(Red Deer Advocate Feb.2010)     
       News article: World-class attraction proposed for Riverlands

                                                                     (Red Deer Advocate Feb.2010)

   Riverlands and Downtown Redevelopment:
       News article: Riverlands development ready for debate (Red Deer Advocate Sep.2011)
       News article: Railyards: Open house on a 20-year plan for downtown

                                                                     (Red Deer Advocate June 2011)

       News article: Riverlands: Strong turnout for open house (Red Deer Advocate March 2011)
       Commentary: Red Deer could use more bold visionary landmark designers

(Red Deer Express Sep.2010)
       News article: Paths to change (Red Deer Advocate Aug.2010)
       Editorial: Time for downtown vision
(Red Deer Advocate July 2010)
       News article: Help add a little history to Arches project (Red Deer Advocate Sep.2009)
       News article: Big expectations for downtown Red Deer (Red Deer Advocate June 2009)
       News article: Chance of a lifetime (Red Deer Advocate Jan.2009)
       Editorial: No San Antonio but hope left for Big Wow (Red Deer Express Nov.2008)
       News article: Canal plan jettisoned (Red Deer Express Nov.2008)
       News article: Red Deer - Alberta's next great city (Red Deer Express July 2008)
   Red Deer County heritage:
       News article: Opposition comes forward to Mintlaw Bridge preservation

                                                                    (Mountain View Gazette May 2011)

       News article: Reinforcing our history
(Red Deer Advocate Mar.2011)
       News article: Repairs planned for crumbling CPR bridge
(Red Deer Advocate Feb.2011)
       News article: RD County antes up for Mintlaw Bridge repairs

                                                                    (Mountain View Gazette Nov.2010)

       News article: Bridging gap between history and disrepair
(Red Deer Advocate Nov.2010)
       News article: County heritage project a first for Alberta
(Red Deer Advocate Feb.2010)
       News article: County buys bridge for a buck
(Red Deer Advocate Dec.2009)
       News article: County buys historic railway bridge
(Red Deer Express Dec.2009)
   Regional railway heritage preservation:
       News article: CP's heritage train rolls through region
(Mountain View Gazette Aug.2011)
       News article: Track for historic railway tours likely to be done by late summer

                                                                   (Red Deer Advocate June 2011)

       News article: Stay busy, stay young: Fred Freschette
(Red Deer Advocate Nov.2010)
       News article: Rail being laid for heritage line
(Red Deer Advocate Sept.2010)
       Feature article: 6060 turns 66
(Red Deer Express Sept.2010)
       News article: A work in two golden ages: Ernie Beskowiney

                                                                    (Red Deer Advocate July 2010)

       News article: Stettler group wants to convert grain elevator into museum

(Red Deer Advocate May 2010)
       News article: New exhibits call Historical Village home
(Innisfail Province May 2010)
       News article: 'Sleeper' village grand opening set
(Red Deer Advocate May 2010)
       News article: Train track wanted
(Red Deer Advocate May 2010)
       News article: Major funding will restore rail line to Donalda

                                                                    (Stettler Independent Oct.2009)

News article: Alberta Central Train Museum celebrates 17th anniversary
(Wetaskiwin Times June 2009)
       News article: Historic significance of concrete obelisk preserved in mural
                                                                    (Red Deer Advocate Oct.2008)

   High speed rail:
       Commentary: Steam good alternative for high-speed rail link

(Red Deer Advocate Apr.2011)
       News article: Business officials laud rail proposals
(Red Deer Advocate Apr.2011)
       News article: Chamber pressing high-speed rail plan
(Red Deer Advocate Jan.2011)
       Editorial: Train's future needs path
(Red Deer Advocate Nov.2010)
       News article: Project creates issues for rural residents
(Red Deer Advocate Nov.2010)
       Editorial: High speed rail back on
(Red Deer Advocate July 2010)
       News article: Rail plan returns
(Red Deer Advocate July 2010)
       News article: Get moving on high-speed rail link: expert
(Red Deer Advocate June 2010)
       News article: Rural groups want high-speed rail study
(Red Deer Advocate March 2010)
       News article: Political will lags behind train debate
(Red Deer Advocate Oct.2009)
       News article: Province offers update on high speed rail (Red Deer Express July 2009)
       News article: Company pushes for high speed rail (Red Deer Express April 2008)
   Regional transit heritage:
       News article: Classic bus cruises city streets
(Red Deer Advocate June 2011)
       News article: Transit to retire last low-floor vehicle
(Red Deer Advocate Feb.2011)
       News article: Parkade named Sorensen Station
(Red Deer Express June 2010)
       News article: Downtown parkade to be named after transportation pioneer Gordon
(Red Deer Advocate June 2010)
       News article: Rare GM public bus saved by city bus man
(Red Deer Express Dec.2009)
   Regional trail development: 
       News article: City council adopts river valley plan
(Red Deer Express July 2010)
       News article: Building trails to paradise (Red Deer Advocate March 2009)
       News article: Clearwater County calls on province for advice about trail
(Red Deer Advocate April 2008)
       Editorial: On the trail of a worthy plan (Red Deer Advocate Sept.2005)
    Michael Dawe historical articles:
           An early community landmark - the Michener Fountain (Red Deer Express June 2011)
           A look at the Canadian Northern Railway (Red Deer Express Jan. 2011)
           Lots of street name debate in City's history
(Red Deer Express Sep.2010)
           Laurier's 1910 visit huge event for city
(Red Deer Express August 2010)
           Sorensen Station a fitting tribute
(Red Deer Express June 2010)
           Rail relocation project a first in Western Canada
(Red Deer Advocate June 2010)
           Fort Normandeau celebrates 125 years
(Red Deer Advocate May 2010)
           Sir Wilfrid Laurier visited Red Deer
(Red Deer Advocate May 2010)
           Region celebrating century of railroad heritage
(Red Deer Express March 2010)
           Mintlaw Bridge essential to region's railroad heritage
(Red Deer Express March 2010)
           Rotary Recreation Park area a jewel in heart of city (Red Deer Express Aug.2009)
           CPR Station Park once shining jewel of Red Deer (Red Deer Express June 2009)
Canadian Pacific Railway Bridge now 100 years old (Red Deer Advocate June 2009) 
           Red Deer's downtown hotels have celebrated history
(Red Deer Express June 2009)
           The origins of Alberta Central Rail pillar
(Red Deer Express April 2008)
           The history of Red Deer's CPR station
(Red Deer Express April 2007)
           Red Deer becomes a divisional point for CPR (Red Deer Advocate Special March 2007)
           Alberta Central Railway helped open region
(Red Deer Advocate Special March 2007)
           The Michener Fountain
(Red Deer Express July 2005)
           John T. Moore (Red Deer Express Feb.2003)

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