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High Speed Rail
It's the need for speed
Edmonton-Red Deer-Calgary Bullet Train waiting for provincial approval
July 17, 2019, Red Deer Advocate (Mamta Lulla)
A high-speed train project between Edmonton and Calgary, proposed in April 2018, is in the hands of the United Conservative government. Sebastien Gendron, CEO of tech startup TransPod, says the $6-billion project, funded entirely by the private sector, is in its initial stages. The Canadian tech company has asked the UCP government for a commitment for the project before securing $100 million from the private sector. The initial (more)

Regional bus service
Connecting communities together through transit
Jan. 16, 2019, Red Deer Express (Editorial)  
This week was the launch of the 2A South Regional Transit service, which connects communities together in Innisfail, Penhold, Springbrook and Red Deer. It serves as a huge benefit for people wanting to be more connected with their friends, family or loved ones. Or maybe to simply visit somewhere other than their own community. The bus will make several stops in each community daily, allowing for people to get to where


Regional bus service
Rural bus routes axed
August 15, 2018, Red Deer Advocate
Three Greyhound bus passenger routes in Central Alberta will be eliminated on Oct. 24 under the province's plan to open up bus service to competition. A dozen rural routes in Alberta and Saskatchewan will be cut, including Red Deer to Rocky Mountain House, Red Deer to Consort and Camrose to Wetaskiwin. Greyhound spokesperson Tom Olsen said the Consort route has an average of .6 passengers, the lowest passenger rate of those

Red Deer Transit 
New transit technology coming to Red Deer
Six buses to test equipment
July 30, 2018, Red Deer Advocate (Susan Zielinski)
Long waits at bus stops in the hot sun, rain or blowing snow will be a thing of the past in Red Deer by the end of the year. Cameras and new technology aboard Red Deer Transit will soon be boosting the security and convenience of riding city buses. Six buses are being equipped with stop announcement technology, passenger counting equipment and cameras to test the new systems for two weeks before they are installed in all

Regional bus service
Greyhound to end bus service in B.C., Alberta
July 9, 2018, Red Deer Express (Janice Dickson, Canadian Press)
Greyhound Canada says it is ending its passenger bus and freight services in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and cancelling all but one route in B.C. -- a U.S.-run service between Vancouver and Seattle. As a result, when the changes take effect at the end of October, Ontario and Quebec will be the only regions where the familiar running-dog logo continues to grace Canadian highways. "This decision is regretful and we


Regional bus service
Greyhound leaving downtown
Greyhound Canada is going to move its Red Deer terminal to Gasoline Alley in the New Year
Dec. 6, 2016, Red Deer Advocate (Paul Cowley)
Greyhound Canada is on the move in Red Deer. The bus company plans to move its terminal from downtown Red Deer to the east side of Gasoline Alley. Greyhound regional vice-president Peter Hamel said the company has had its eye on a highway location for years. "The footprint in downtown Red Deer doesn't fit the business anymore," said Hamel, who was at Red Deer County's Tuesday municipal planning commission meeting to present the
High Speed Rail

High time for high-speed rail
March 8, 2016, Red Deer Advocate (Doug Firby, Troy Media)
My recent tour of the remarkable Canadian Museum of Rail Travel in Cranbrook, B.C., got me wondering why all of Canada cannot once again have a viable rail passenger service. The museum contains a collection of dozens of rail cars from the past 100+ years in various states of repair. Collectively, they deliver a powerful glimpse into what life must have been like during the glory days of rail travel. Some of the partially restored cars


Potential Rail Trail
CARTS Eyeing Mintlaw Bridge for Trans Canada Trail Leg
Between Red Deer & Springbrook

July 7, 2015, Radio News Broadcast - Sunny 94 FM website
Central Alberta Regional Trails Society is hoping both the County and City of Red Deer will partner with them to make a leg of the Trans Canada Trail System a reality between Red Deer and Springbrook. The Society has studied routes for the trail, with 4 options identified. CARTS President Paul Pettypiece says they are attracted to the Mintlaw Bridge option, which brings with it great potential for tourism "the Mintlaw Bridge is a 21

Potential Rail Trail
Mintlaw Trestle

Preservation opportunity should not be lost

June 23, 2015, Commentary - Innisfail Province (Paul Pettypiece)
Creating trail link to rail bridge an opportunity not to be lost

June 16, 2015, Letter to the Editor - Red Deer Advocate (Paul Pettypiece)

There are times in our history when the stars line up to create an unusual opportunity to do something special that future generations will cherish. This is one of those times. A few years ago, Red Deer County was gifted for $1 the relatively unknown, historic 644-metre-long Alberta Central Railway steel trestle across the Red Deer River just a few kilometres southwest of Red Deer along with the right of way from Hwy 2A to Benalto.


High Speed Rail
Committee puts brakes on Alberta's high-speed rail line
May 17, 2014, Red Deer Advocate (Josh Aldrich)
The wait for a high-speed rail line will be extended for the Edmonton and Calgary corridor. An all-party legislature committee is recommending the provincial government not to invest in the project at this time, but to begin acquiring the land needed for it. A feasibility draft report, leaked to the Calgary Herald on Thursday, says the province is not big enough to make the multi-billion-dollar project financially viable. The committee met on
High Speed Rail
Time to think about future transportation
March 20, 2014, Red Deer Advocate (Evan Bedford commentary on Energy & Ecology)
"What if the FAA required that jet aircraft be able to survive crashes into the ground?" - Eric McCaughrin
McCaughrin is referring to U.S. government regulations on passenger rail cars, which force them to resemble "bank vaults on wheels." They are twice as heavy as their European counterparts because of the slight chance that they might crash into a freight train ... even if (like the Long Island Commuter Railroad) there are
High Speed Rail
'It's time to make that first step forward'
Feb. 26, 2014, Red Deer Advocate (Paul Cowley)
If Alberta is serious about a high-speed rail line the government should pick a route and acquire the land now, said a number of those who addressed an all-party MLA committee on Tuesday. Former Red Deer mayor Morris Flewwelling said if the province doesn't start buying up land now for a high-speed corridor property prices will keep rising and become a "major stumbling block" for the project. The success of a high-speed rail link
High-Speed Rail

Red Deer officials express enthusiasm

Feb. 12, 2014, Red Deer Advocate
Officials from Red Deer were enthusiastic boosters of high-speed rail at recent meetings of a provincial committee that's studying the issue. Tara Lodewyk, manager of the city's Planning Department, and John Sennema, manager of its Land and Economic Development Department, spoke at a Feb. 4 meeting of the Alberta's Economic Future. Tim Creedon, executive director of the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce,


High Speed Rail
Talk of high-speed train line picking up steam?
Dec. 11, 2013, Red Deer Advocate (Canadian Press) 
EDMONTON -- Rapid population growth around the province has many Albertans pushing for a high-speed passenger rail service. That's what the standing committee on Alberta's Economic Future will be examining in briefings this week with transportation officials holding hearings in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer. Paul Langan, the Founder of High Speed Rail Canada, says it's something Albertans have wanted for a while. But

High Speed Rail
City touting high-speed rail stop at downtown station
Jan. 2, 2013, Red Deer Advocate (Laura Tester) 
Alberta's high-speed rail may be decades away, but the province should be acquiring the right-of-way along the Hwy 2 sooner than later, say Central Alberta leaders. Red Deer Mayor Morris Flewwelling will continue to press the provincial government for high-speed rail to be built along the Hwy 2 corridor -- even though it's nowhere in future capital plans. Flewwelling spoke this fall with Premier Alison Redford on how such a project would


Transit Heritage

Newest City ghost unveiled downtown
May 9, 2012, Red Deer Express (Tanis Reid) 
The City of Red Deer has officially unveiled its 10th statue in its Ghost Collection. The Downtown Business Association commissioned the first ghost project in 1994. Red Deer is proud to have an internationally renowned collection of life-size bronze statues that tell the story of Red Deer. "The Ghost Project is one of the pieces of Red Deer that distinguishes us as a community. It was started with a dream that we would have a (more)

Transit Heritage
Ghost unveiled
May 5, 2012, Red Deer Advocate (Renee Francoeur) 
The new bronze sculpture of Julietta Sorensen was revealed to the public for the first time on Friday morning at Sorensen Station downtown Red Deer. Sorensen, along with her husband Gordon, was a prominent figure in the city's transit history. 'Waiting for Gordon' is the 10th sculpture in the Ghost collection of public art, which commemorates key people and events from Red Deer's past. It depicts Julietta looking south over a cup of (more)

Potential Rail Trail
Red Deer County seeks partners to afford bridge access
April 17, 2012, Mountain View Gazette (Sylvia Cole)
Future work on the Mintlaw Bridge will require funding from other associations, council heard last Tuesday. The bridge, purchased by Red Deer County for $1, has since had $205,000 invested in it for rehabilitation work while new estimates peg opening it up to pedestrian traffic as much as $3.2 million. Currently no one is allowed on or across the bridge which would link to part of a regional trail system connecting from Highway 2A to (more)

Potential Rail Trail
County council looks at bridge as tourist attraction 

April 11, 2012, Red Deer Advocate (Paul Cowley) 
A former rail bridge across the Red Deer River is well suited as a scenic walkway, but the millions of dollars to make it happen must come from elsewhere, Red Deer County council agreed on Tuesday. Council voted in favour of accepting the recommendation of consultants to convert the former Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. span into a tourist attraction and link to walking trails, complete with viewing platforms and parking areas. The cost of

Potential Rail Trail
Plans for Mintlaw Bridge waiting on public feedback 
Feb. 7, 2012, Mountain View Gazette (Sylvia Cole) 
Red Deer County is still collecting feedback from the public to determine what to do with a 100-year-old bridge purchased by council in 2010. Purchased for $1, the county has since invested $205,000 for rehabilitation work on the Mintlaw Bridge, built originally for the Alberta Central Railway that later became part of the Canadian Pacific Railway. A public open house was held Jan. 25 to garner feedback on the county's draft bridge


High Speed Rail
Fast-tracking bullet train a ticket to nowhere
High-speed rail not really useful unless anchored by efficient, effective public transit: Flewwelling
Dec. 28, 2011, Red Deer Advocate (Laura Tester) 
Premier Alison Redford is being urged to sit down with the mayors of Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer before any dollars are taken out of a $2-billion public transit program to fund high-speed rail. Mayor Morris Flewwelling said the premier should discuss the issue of high-speed rail and the GreenTRIP program during a sit-down meeting with himself, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel. He was speaking in

Transit Heritage
Classic bus cruises city streets
June 6, 2011, Red Deer Advocate (Brenda Kossowan)
Its most intimate friends call it a baby fishbowl -- the transit drivers' nickname for an especially rare type of bus that now makes an occasional tour through the streets of Red Deer. A scaled-down version of GMC's classic New Look transit bus, the 40-year-old retiree, originally based in Nelson, B.C., has to get out on the streets once in a while, if for no other reason than to keep its oil circulating. Otherwise, the seals dry up and (more)

High Speed Rail
Column: Energy and Ecology
Steam good alternative for high-speed rail link
April 20, 2011, Red Deer Advocate (Evan Bedford)
"The commonly held view that the steam locomotive was replaced because it was slow is incorrect. Many of today's diesel and even electrically operated services are not appreciably faster than steam was 50 or more years ago." - Colin Garratt
In fact, way back in 1938, a Pacific Mallard achieved the world record for a steam train of 203 km/h. The record still stands. When diesel trains phased out steam many years ago, the main reasons were related to the environment (coal put out a lot of smoke that urban areas already had enough of), constant maintenance of the steam boilers, and labour costs (steam locomotives required a driver as well as someone to shovel coal
High Speed Rail
Business officials laud rail proposals
April 19, 2011, Red Deer Advocate 
Business leaders in Red Deer see proposals for new rail passenger stations in Edmonton and Calgary as a good sign that the province is getting ready to move forward with a high-speed rail project. Bruce Schollie, president of the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce, said on Monday that Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach's recent announcement of a possible rail station in Edmonton offers local proponents some hope that the province (more)

Red Deer Transit 
Transit to retire last high-floor vehicle
Feb. 15, 2011, Red Deer Advocate 
Red Deer Transit will soon be entirely wheelchair accessible. The last high-floor bus, a 1980 GMC model, will be retired this week. In its place will be the newest bus on city streets, a 2010 New Flyer model. Steve Parkin, transit facilities superintendent with the City of Red Deer, said this changeover marks a milestone in Red Deer's transit history. "The old buses served us extremely well but the benefits of the newest buses are many (more)

High Speed Rail
Chamber pressing high-speed rail plan
Jan. 21, 2011, Red Deer Advocate (Harley Richards)
The Red Deer Chamber of Commerce is hoping to fast-track high-speed rail. Urging the Alberta government to move forward with the long-contemplated project is one of six policy resolutions approved by the Chamber board on Wednesday -- setting the stage for the Alberta Chamber of Commerce to potentially adopt that position this spring. "We don't know where it's at and what's being done, so we'd like to give a little nudge," said (more)


High Speed Rail
Our View (Editorial)
Train's future needs path
Nov. 4, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (John Stewart)  
There are some disturbing parallels between the laborious and acrimonious process to establish a route for electricity transmission lines in Alberta and the high-speed train proposal. A new study commissioned by the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties warns that an Edmonton-to-Calgary high-speed rail service could have a dramatic impact on rural life in the heart of the province. The report says a high- (more)
High Speed Rail
High Speed Rail Study
Project creates issues for rural residents
Nov. 3, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (Paul Cowley) 
A new report says a high-speed rail link could mean longer trips for rural drivers and emergency services, split up farmland and pose a barrier to wildlife. While running trains at speeds up to 300 km/h from Edmonton to Calgary will create a number of issues for rural residents and communities, the report commissioned by the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties does not weigh in on whether high-speed rail is desirable or (more)

Active Transportation
City council adopts river valley plan
July 28, 2010, Red Deer Express (Mark Weber)
City Council adopted a trails and parks planning tool Monday night in the form of the River Valley & Tributaries Park Concept Plan. The long-term plan's purpose is to identify lands best suited for potential trails and parks within the City of Red Deer's 'growth area'. Marking a collaboration between the City of Red Deer and Red Deer County, one of the plan's 21 recommendations urges exploration of one day even designating the Red (more)

High Speed Rail
Our View (Editorial)
High speed rail back on
July 7, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (Greg Neiman) 
By the time our school-aged children start worrying about their own retirement funds, Alberta's population is expected to be around six million. Three quarters of that population will live on the Edmonton-Calgary corridor. Since we happen to occupy the middle space, we'll call it the Red Deer corridor and claim the two big cities as suburbs of us. All of that isn't quite as fanciful as it sounds. If we look at one cornerstone of the (more)

High Speed Rail 
Rail plan returns
Mayor, Chamber of Commerce, elated province once again looking at high-speed rail link
July 6, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (Laura Tester) 
A new provincewide transportation study will hopefully further show the merits of having high-speed rail stopping in Red Deer, says the president of the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce. Alberta Transportation will study the challenges and opportunities facing roads, rail lines and airports up until 2050 -- a decision that Don Mancuso supports. The study is expected to be complete in 2011. "We would love high-speed rail to stop in Red (more)

Transit Heritage
Parkade named Sorensen Station
June 16, 2010, Red Deer Express (Erin Fawcett) 
Red Deer's downtown parkade will be named after a local transportation pioneer. The parkade was officially named Sorensen Station after City council gave its approval on Monday night. The station is named after Gordon Sorensen, who began a bus service in the City of Red Deer in 1957. Sorensen died in 1981. Cecil Sorensen, Gordon's son, said his parents would be "very pleased" to know the parkade had been named after his (more)

Transit Heritage
Sorensen Station name a fitting tribute
June 16, 2010, Red Deer Express (Michael Dawe)
On Monday, June 14 Red Deer City Council voted to name the new downtown transit terminal/parkade 'Sorensen Station' in honour of Gordon L. Sorensen. It is a fitting tribute to one of Central Alberta's transportation pioneers, who is also remembered as a hard working and highly principled businessman. Gordon Sorensen was born on April 23, 1904 in Detroit, Michigan. He moved with his family to a farm near Erskine, Alberta in (more)
Transit Heritage
Downtown parkade to be named after transportation pioneer Gordon Sorensen
June 15, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (Laura Tester) 
Red Deer's new three-storey parkade will officially be called Sorensen Station. City council approved on Monday the name of the parkade at 4830-48 St. in recognition of Gordon Sorensen, considered the transportation pioneer for Red Deer and surrounding area. Sorensen launched transit service in Red Deer in 1957 and also developed school bussing and all highway buses into Central Alberta. Sorensen died in 1981 at the age of (more)

High Speed Rail
Get moving on high-speed rail link: expert
June 11, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (Laura Tester)
The Alberta government should make a decision this year on developing high-speed rail between Calgary and Edmonton, a transportation expert said in Red Deer on Thursday. Anthony Pearl, director of Urban Studies at Vancouver's Simon Fraser University, told more than 80 elected leaders and business representatives of the Central Alberta Economic Partnership that it's important to get moving on high-speed rail. Pearl co- (more)
High Speed Rail
Rural groups want high-speed rail study
Concerns linger about track's effect on countryside
March 24, 2010, Red Deer Advocate (Matthew Gauk)
Rural municipal officials in Central Alberta stand on both sides of the tracks when it comes to a high-speed rail line in the Calgary-Edmonton corridor. Worries over how such a line would affect life in the countryside have prompted the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties to commission a study on the subject, president Don Johnson said Tuesday. The association -- made up of municipal districts and counties and (more)


Transit Heritage
Rare GM public bus saved by City bus man
Dec. 30, 2009, Red Deer Express (Johnnie Bachusky) 
Steve Parkin has been a lover of transit buses for as long as he can remember. He loves the way they sound roaring down a city street, the smell of their diesel fumes and their many different styles and shapes. For almost the past 21 years, Parkin, 44, has worked for the City's transit department. He is now the transit facilities superintendent, in charge of the light maintenance of the City's 50 buses. He is truly at home, doing a (more)

High Speed Rail
Political will lags behind train debate
October 19, 2009, Red Deer Advocate (Brenda Kossowan)
Lack of political will is the biggest obstacle in front of bringing high-speed passenger trains to the Hwy 2 corridor, say experts who support the project. Sixty-five people, mainly business leaders and municipal officials, attended an information meeting in Red Deer County Chambers on Wednesday to discuss a system connecting Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary. The County, the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce and the City of Red

High Speed Rail
Province offers update on high speed rail
July 8, 2009, Red Deer Express (Mark Weber)
There's been a wave of positive response to a market assessment study of high-speed rail service for the Calgary-Edmonton corridor. Released by the province this week, the reports says travelers could get from city to city within one hour, and that by 2021 as many as six million riders will have used the service. There would be a stop-off in Red Deer as well. Mike Axworthy, president of the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce, said it's (more)

Active Transportation
Building trails to paradise
March 18, 2009, Red Deer Advocate (Paige Aarhus)
Red Deer County hopes several recreational pilot projects will help them move forward with its Open Spaces Master Plan. Trails connecting Springbrook to Penhold and Spruce View to Dickson, and a Cottonwood day-use area near Dickson Dam, have been touted as the first step towards turning Red Deer County into an outdoorsman's paradise. "As we go through the implementation of those projects, we will learn the (more)


Potential Rail Trail
Clearwater County calls on province for advice about trail
April 24, 2008, Red Deer Advocate (Paul Cowley)
Clearwater County wants the province's help in sorting out access issues along a proposed scenic trail along an abandoned rail line west of Rocky Mountain House. A letter has been sent to Alberta Sustainable Resources Development Minister Ted Morton asking that the province get involved in smoothing the way for the trail by working out agreements with companies owning timber rights along the anticipated 120-km trail route from

High Speed Rail
Company pushes for high-speed rail
April 2, 2008, Red Deer Express (Mark Weber)
If Alberta High Speed Rail Inc. has its way, Albertans could be zipping between Calgary and Edmonton via high speed rail in five years. Ralph Garrett, vice president of the Calgary-based company spoke at the Kiwanis meeting this week about the project which could cost about $1.8 billion. Talk of high speed rail in Alberta has been going on for years, but Garrett said the time is now to launch the project. All that's needed is the (more)

High Speed Rail
Rail group projects service in five years
April 1, 2008, Red Deer Advocate (Brenda Kossowan)
Local passengers could be riding North America's first bullet train in as little as five years, says an engineer from Alberta High-Speed Rail Inc. All it would take is for the province to give the green light, Ralph Garrett, vice-president, infrastructure for the Calgary firm told Kiwanis members in Red Deer on Monday night. "Alberta's ready for high-speed rail. Everything's coming together. The stars are in alignment." Garrett said that, to the (more)


Active Transportation

Advocate View (Editorial)

On the trail of a worthy plan
Sept. 9, 2005, Red Deer Advocate (Greg Neiman)
Every community needs people who can take a good idea, hold on to it and patiently work it into completion. People like Bob Johnstone, president of the Central Alberta Region Trail Society. He's bought into the idea that a national network of cycle and hiking trails would be a great legacy, and he's willing to invest an awful lot of his time to help bring local sections of that network into existence. Red Deer's trail system added 29 km to

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