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former CNR station Red Deer 1955Historical Perspective
To a great extent, the City of Red Deer owes its location and position as the transportation and distribution centre of Central Alberta to the building of and decisions made by the various railways in its early years.

Other communities in Central Alberta often prospered or perished, as well as their locations determined, by the coming of the railway. For more than 60 years, the railway stations in numerous communities were the focal point for transportation and communication, and to some extent, the social and business fabric of towns large and small.

For a short time prior to the railway, trails provided an uncomfortable and tedious means for the few settlers to get to isolated destinations.
Cardinal Coach Lines Red Deer 1949
As railway passenger service started its slow decline in the late 1940s with the development of improved roads and highways, buses provided an alternate form of transportation for those who didn't have private automobiles.

Historical Perspective Overview Part 1 - Trails and Trains
Historical Perspective Overview Part 2 - Trains and Transit
100 Year Milestones 1910-1913
The Calgary and Edmonton Trail

Railways of Central Alberta
Calgary and Edmonton Railway (CPR)
Calgary and Edmonton Railway at Red Deer (CPR)
Alberta Central Railway (CPR) - Red Deer to Rocky Mountain House
Canadian Northern Railway in Central Alberta (CNR) - Camrose to Drumheller
Canadian Northern Western Railway Brazeau sub (CNR) - Mirror to Red Deer and Nordegg
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway in Central Alberta (CNR) - Mirror to Three Hills
Lacombe and Blindman Valley Electric Railway (CPR) - Lacombe to Rimbey
                                                            also known as the Lacombe and Northwestern Railway

Canadian National Railway operated in downtown Red Deer from 1920 to 1960
CPR Jubilee 3000 series

Trains & Infrastructure

Rise and Fall of Passenger Rail in the C&E Corridor
Jubilee 4-4-4 3001 'The Chinook'
History of Railway Locomotive Power in Central Alberta
History of Railway Structures Used in Central Alberta

Railway Stations
Railway Stations Were Once the Focal Point of Western Canadian Communities
Mackenzie and Mann influenced Central Alberta's first railway stations - C&ER Combination Stations
Most communities once had portable stations for a time
Red Deer once had four railway stations
Canadian Pacific Railway Stations in Central Alberta
Red Deer 1910 CPR station 'jewel' still dominates Ross Street
Canadian National Railway Stations in Central Alberta
Multiple Station Communities

Railway Bridges
ACR/CPR Mintlaw Steel Trestle
Railway Bridges of Central Alberta
Alberta's Largest Railway Bridges
Largest Railway Bridges of Western Canada

Railway Preservation
Current Rail Heritage Preservation in Central Alberta
Downtown Red Deer Ground Transportation Themes
Railway Icons of City of Red Deer
Railway Icons of Red Deer County
Railway Icons of Central Alberta
Rails to Trails

Evolution of Transit in Central Alberta
History of Red Deer Transit

Powerpoint Slide Show:
   Railways as Parents of a City - 3 Railways as Catalysts for the Birth of Red Deer

                                                                                                      (presented at Central Alberta Historical Society May 2013)

Powerpoint Slide Show: History of the ACR & Mintlaw Trestle and Future Trails
(presented at FJHS AGM Oct. 2012)

Riding the Rails in Red Deer: Existing and Former Railway Sites (Jane's Walk 2013)

Historian Michael Dawe articles related to transportation history in Central Alberta



Trails, Transit, Trains
Trails and Trains Overview
Trains and Transit Overview

Milestones 1910-13
Calgary Edmonton Trail
Transit in Central Alberta
Red Deer Transit

Jubilee 3001 Chinook
Locomotives Central Alberta
Rise and Fall of Passenger Rail

The Railways of Central Alberta
Calgary & Edmonton Railway
C & E Railway at Red Deer
Alberta Central Railway
Canadian Northern Railway
Canadian Northern Western RR
Canadian National Railway in RD
Grand Trunk Pacific Central Alberta
Lacombe & Blindman Valley RR
Timetable Excerpts
Railway Stations of the Region
C & ER Combination Stations
Portable Stations
Red Deer CPR 1910 Station
Role of Railway Stations
Red Deer's 4 Stations
CPR Stations in Central Alberta
CNR Stations in Central Alberta
Multiple Station Communities
Station Plans

Bridges, Structures, Heritage
Rail Structures of Region
Central Alberta Rail Bridges

Mintlaw Trestle
Alberta's Railway Bridges
Western Canada Rail Bridges



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