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  model railroad show at Big Valley

Forth Junction Project
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kid watching trains at model railway showA proposal for
Canada's Largest Historical
Model Railway Museum

Model rail display at RevelstokeOne of the centre-pieces of the Forth Junction Project is an interactive and interpretive world-class miniature replication of the railways and landmarks of Red Deer and Central Alberta demonstrating the economic evolution of the region and the role of the railway primarily during the past, but also the present and future as part of that evolution. Landmarks include the Mintlaw trestle and other Central Alberta bridges, a number of railway stations, rail yards and spurs in downtown Red Deer, rail-oriented industries and landmark hotels. A variety of modelling scales from N (1/160) to HO (1/87) to G (1/22.5) will be used. Some may be adaptable modules for expansion during special events.

Jubilee 3001Featuring
1/8 scale Operating Replica of
CPR F2a Jubilee 4-4-4 3001 'The Chinook'


Only 5 of these semi-streamlined locomotive were built; only one ran in Western Canada -- No. 3001 that powered 'The Chinook' passenger service between Calgary and Edmonton. Not only was the 3001 scrapped but so were the other four. The Forth Junction Project includes the exact replication of this historic locomotive in 1/8 scale.
More information on Jubilee 3001

A variety of historic time periods
The model rail museum will eventually feature several historic time periods as interactive and accurately-portrayed operational miniature replications of the era including railway infrastructure, landmarks, environment and community characteristics:


1890s train on C & E Railway

CPR Jubilee 3000

CPR railyards Red Deer 1985


The coming of the railway and beginnings of Red Deer as regional distribution centre

building of the Mintlaw trestle 1911

CNR station Red Deer 1955

high speed rail

 The building of the ACR
 & CNWR; the headiness
     of rail and municipal

The glory of passenger service; the end of the depression as the region prepares for war

      A time of transition from steam to diesel and the start of passenger service decline


A time of modernization and preparation for rail

The Future
The revival of passenger rail and regional transportation


to be located either within the proposed Western Canada Transpo Centre or as a stand-alone building in the Forth Junction Community Heritage Park

1892 - The beginning of a regional centre    1913 - The headiness of rapid expansion    1939 - The glory days of passenger service
1955 - A year of transition and change     1986 - Modernization and rail relocation     Future - High speed rail and regional transit
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