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  CPR bridge downtown Red Deer 1987

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A time of transition from steam to diesel and
the start of passenger service decline

CPR park and station and coal chutes1948-55 -- The steam-to-diesel era and the beginning of the decline in passenger service as a result of the explosive popularity of the automobile and the advent of regular air travel. It was during this period that the Canadian National station closed east of downtown Red Deer and the Canadian Pacific tore down the roundhouse and other steam facilities. The beautiful railway garden park became a parking lot. It was at the end of this period that the special Jubilee 'Chinook' steam train was replaced by the 'Dayliner';

More information to come . . .


1892 - The beginning of a regional centre    1913 - The headiness of rapid expansion    1939 - The glory days of passenger service
1955 - A year of transition and change     1986 - Modernization and rail relocation     Future - High speed rail and regional transit
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