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  railway heritage village

Forth Junction Project 
Concept for

Forth Junction Community
Heritage Park

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Heritage Preservation
Forth Junction
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Forth Junction Park Concept

Western Canada Transpo Centre

Historical Miniature Rail Museum

Railway Station Heritage Resort

proposed Forth Junction Transpo ParkConcept Proposal for

Rail, Trail and Transit Interpretive
Community Heritage,
Activity & Nature Park

creating a unique experience that values family recreational activity, the natural environment and the transportation heritage of the prairies, to be located at or near Red Deer and close to historic and current transportation corridors.

Features at full build-out (Phase 3):

- multi-use
roundhouse conference and
  interpretive centre

   for regional events, displays, family activities &
   shops, as well as to showcase restored railway
   equipment and artifacts

- replication and/or restoration of
  regional railway stations

historic railway station as residence   for displays, accommodation and services

- historical model railway museum
   featuring a variety of scales and time periods

- sufficient space for a rail loop and storage for
large railway equipment and train rides
   including private and leased collections

- transit heritage depot
   to display historic transit vehicles & hub for historical tours
ornamental rail station park
 similar to the 1906 CPR park in Red Deer
- a lookout tower or

  train observation deck

   with restaurant or refreshment bar
miniature park train
live steam 1/8 scale miniature railway
   including replication of 3001 Jubilee 4-4-4 steam locomotive
- gazebo, band shell or outdoor stage for

   with picnic and family activity areas
natural areas
   wetlands and/or trees with links to recreation linear park and trails


Phase 1 of the park plan sets the stage for the ultimate build-out of the overall vision. It accommodates current opportunities and allows for additional uses of the site by the community and other similar organizations. It also provides some time to modify the plan as needs, experience and trends evolve.

The first phase includes:
- campground and RV park as initial income generator;
- children's playground and outdoor activity centre which would ultimately evolve into a major theme park that includes miniature train rides;
- covered viewing platform and snack bar for rail fans who want to watch the busy CPR Calgary-Edmonton main line that hosts up to 15 trains per day. This element alone would likely attract a good number of visitors from many parts of North America;
- stand-alone interpretive kiosks;
- an ornamental railway garden similar to those that were once connected to railway stations;
- additional gardens, a gazebo, water features, fountains;
- natural areas, trails and tree planting. Eventually the park would connect with regional trails including the Trans Canada Trail;
- temporary heritage transit storage building and bus tour depot;
- temporary indoor railway museum;
- the beginnings of a heritage model railway display;
- at least one replicated railway station for overnight accommodation.

These features would initially attract mostly local and regional residents and guests, visitors, and tourists travelling along the Calgary and Edmonton corridor.


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